dimanche 19 juin 2022

A little bit of freshness!

Today a little bit of fresh air after the heat of these last days nearly 40 C! The plants have been suffering, half my sweet peas are dead , four baby sparrows dead and thrown out of the nest. We had to water in the evenings and mornings but we will be soon in water restriction.
This village is well known for it’s roses it’s name been “Veules les roses”
I love this wind mill this is a little path with the shade of the trees and the freshness of water.
It is by the sea

Typical Normand thatched house
It is a river like the river Seine, but the smallest of France!

These are photos I took a few months ago. The village been too crowded in summer and it was so hot these last days it was not possible to go out and resist the heat. After thunderstorm hail and rain we lost 10 degrees! đŸ„” 
I hope you’ll have a good week!

4 commentaires:

  1. Your heat is awful.
    We are finally warming up this week, but mildly. First we'll finally reach 70, and by Saturday maybe 80!

  2. I can't imagine such heat. We are still shivering at barely 20 degrees. Wish we could share the coolness with you.

  3. Lovely photos but so sad about the dead baby birds. Keep cool if you can!!

  4. It's supposed to be very hot and humid here for the next few days.
    Your pictures are so pretty!


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