mardi 14 juin 2022

An early morning drive.

Today, the temperature is going up, but it will reach us in the north on Friday 35 C and then it will continue to increase!
I am glad we had installed an air conditioner last year.
I went out early this morning to get Father’s Day present, in the same shop a month ago I saw these plates that inspired me for outdoor  summer meals.
In another shop I found light blue glasses to match the blue of the big plate. I did not find the round place mats  I am looking for, I would like round raffia ones.

This morning i drove through countryside and saw the beautiful flax fields, the flowers are of a pale blue , between pale blue and pale purple.
The tiny flowers only bloom a few days , they open in the morning and close at night it is so beautiful and ephemeral!
We grow a lot of flax in our region most of French one.
I took my pastel box out to do some drawing while it is so hot!


3 commentaires:

  1. Ah yes, fields of flax. I saw them in my childhood growing up in rural Oregon. They are no longer grown as a crop here.
    Those plates are lovely.

  2. I've never seen flax growing.
    I love those plates!

  3. Flax fields in bloom must be an amazing sight. Nice new plates.


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