lundi 6 juin 2022

Shrinking art and tea cups.

The weather being uncertain we stayed at home.
MR L has been gardening and I have been baking and I did Crazy plastic( shrinking Art)
I like nice tea cups and bought a new one the second one with flowers and butterflies.

This one is from Cornwall.

This is my shrinking art of the day ready to be on Xmas cards!

This was my inspiration.

I have baked a tuna loaf we will have it for supper 
With chicory ( endive) salad. 
I wish you a nice week!

Today is 6th June and commemoration day with some veterans from USA. We usually go on the Normandy beaches with our son when he comes to France.

8 commentaires:

  1. Your teacups are beautiful!! I can never resist a pretty teacup.

  2. The teacups and saucers are gorgeous!

    Thanks for honoring our troops, Catherine. 💜

  3. And, I love your shrink art. The Christmas cards are going to be very special. Recognition of Military contribution of service in so nice.

  4. Your tea cups are so pretty.
    I like your shrink art! It will be so cute on cards.
    Thank you for remembering our soldiers. Someday I would love to visit Normandy myself.


  5. You do have fun with your pretty things!
    We visited the beaches of Normandy on a Viking River Cruise on the Seine. I was impressed at how that area is still so sacred to the French People, who have always been grateful for the American and British soldiers who came to their rescue, and the many who died there


  6. Beautiful teacups, Catherine, and your shrink art will make lovely Christmas cards. We visited the Normany landing beaches (the British and Canadian ones) several years ago. It was very meaningful for us.

  7. Wonderful cups. I like them very much!


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