mercredi 15 juin 2022

Summer sound and light show on Rouen cathedral.

Today it is30 degrees outside the house but 22 inside
So I prefer to stay inside doing some housework.
My son in law came last night to repair the washing machine and it’s working all day.
This morning I had a picture of Rouen cathedral on my Facebook from Normandy tourism.
Each year from June to September we have a sound and light show on our cathedral, each year it is different.

 This is our justice court

Our big clock

Big clock street “ rue du gros horloge”
And the sound and light show on the cathedral I put you the link source Rouen tourisme

3 commentaires:

  1. Cool! If I recall correctly there is a McDonalds up in the corner of the arch with the clock in it. We found that amusing but also somewhat sacrilege.

  2. What beautiful old buildings!! I'll go watch the sound and light show now. Thanks for posting that link.

  3. I loved wandering through Rouen several years ago and have some nice photos of the narrow and picturesque streets. I remember seeing an advertisement for the Light and Sound show at the Cathedral, but we didn't see the show. We did tour the church and found it very interesting.


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