samedi 18 juin 2022

Flax fields and shopping.

This morning we went out early to my favorite clothes shop because they made a 40 per cent discount on all, so this year I did not have time to go and get a linen dress for summer.  
Today I found one linen dress and one in cotton pipeline, a navy blue one.
We went about 30 km from home in an outlet.
On our way we could not stop but I tried to get picture of our flax fields, there were some all along our way and the flowers started to open.
I enlarge the photos because they are so tiny.
( pictures for Linda)

My shopping à plain linen dress with two shirts. One with flowers reminding me of the 90’s
And one with paisley.

A navy blue dress with lace on the waists in the front and  lace days on the hem. Difficult to take pictures ( too much light!)

Since yesterday, my son has got covid and is staying in quarantine in a hotel near his flat for some days.   
We had him on Skype today and he is not feeling too bad but very tired.
It’s difficult to keep masks on by 37 C degrees but I keep mine in shops and when there are many people around me.
I hope little Maxime does not catch it 

Giverny in June 2010 
A picture I had on Facebook.

Giverny June 2022 a lot different  cause of my disappointment!

5 commentaires:

  1. Lovely linen, so cool in hot weather. The first time I saw a field of flax I wondered if it was really a lake, so beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing the flax fields! I've never seen that and it's pretty. Nice dresses! I like the lace.
    Hope your son feels better quickly and Maxim stays healthy.

  3. What fun to find two nice dresses for summer.
    I hope your son will feel well soon. Good thing he seems to have a mild case.

  4. Thanks for the flax field photos!
    My son has covid too. He is currently isolating at our Whidbey cabin. This was the weekend he signed up for and since he is alone he decided to go anyway. He is mostly over the symptoms but at his last test he was still positive,

  5. Linen (Flax) is a beautiful thing to see growing in a field. I love wearing it in the summer. Your dresses will keep you cool and comfortable. I do hope your son recovers quickly.


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