mardi 21 juin 2022

🩅 birds and more birds…

This is a rattan bird cage I found in a thrift store long time ago and that I painted in white. 
It was before  transformed in a lamp.
As I already told you, we are surrounded by birds, mostly sparrows. Four sparrows nests above our windows and second birth of the year. They are fed and have fresh water and this morning I gave them a « Madeleine » ( cakes I have baked )and I saw a mother giving some Madeleine to her child.
Twice this week sparrows came into the house. The first one was a young one and I could catch him and took him outside, the second one went away when I opened a door it always surprises me when they come in the house!
These hearts are from Kelsch a fabric from Alsace( east of France) this fabric dates back to the Middle age and was weaved by the peasants during the winter months.
It is the cousin of the Scottish tartan  but is made of flax and hemp. In the old days they made the distinction between Catholics and Protestants . The Protestants wore red kelsch and Catholics blue one. The tartan was different from one family to another like the tartan from Scotland. The word kelsch comes from Koln ( Cologne in Germany) because of the blue from  they were using at this time .Talking about Cologne ( Kolhn) I love “ l’eau de Cologne” “4711 Kolnisch wasser”especially in Summer.

I glued on it some  silk roses I had .
More birds , but this time fake ones ! One in wood and the big one I made with felted wool.

3 commentaires:

  1. My mother always had a bottle of Eau de Cologne. Your photo brought back memories.

  2. The bottle of Eau de Cologne is so pretty. I love the colour. The felted bird under glass is so well done, Catherine. Birds in the house often become very frightened, I find.

  3. That last photo with the 2 birds under glass captured my attention
    . I like the ceramic bird but love the felted one that you made!!
    One year we had a hummingbird come in the house and go up into a skylight. It was difficult catching it.


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