samedi 25 juin 2022

A cool Sunday and Giverny water lilies

These are pictures I took last year of our neighbour’s horses when the baby was born.
We are having a cool weather now and yesterday we went out to the “sales” for Mr L.
The time of the “ vide grenier” has started ( sort of garage sale) but in the village.
The village next to us is organising one today and I want to get some baby bath … as our son is coming in August. I will only buy a new bed the rest will be second hand.
I received a photo yesterday of Maxine’s first swimming pool  with his mom! With his brand new swimming costume!

I hope you’ll enjoy your Sunday!

 Pictures of the water lilies.

3 commentaires:

  1. That brought back happy memories of our visits to Giverny.

  2. Almost all the waterlilies on our lake are white except for one patch of red and white ones like in your photo. Very pretty.

  3. Such beautiful photos today - and cute little Maxime!


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