vendredi 17 juin 2022

The perfume of basswood 🌳 tree.

Our basswood is in bloom and this morning during my garden tour I could smell it’s lovely perfume and I could hear the buzzing of hundreds of 🐝 bees.
We try to protect the wildlife insects bees 🦅 birds and hedgehogs. We had one baby hedgehog on the grass in front of the house last night I had to protect him from our dog Bandit.
This is a small rose bush I found at Lidl while doing some shopping.

This is our basswood tree
Some nasturtium I planted in a vintage watering can.
Put some water for the birds
An old child 🛀 tube with aquatic plants
Roses from the little rose bush
This big rose bush is starting to bloom
Blue hydrangeas soon blooming
Back door flowers
Ferns on the side of the house
These are the roses of the rose bush.

Avian influenza is coming back on our coast and strikes the seagulls. This afternoon the temperature will rise to 37C but Sunday must be worse!
I did a little ironing and now I will stay inside and rest
Opened windows in the morning before it’s too hot
and then 23 during the day. We use the air conditioner only during the night as it is hotter upstairs.
We won’t do much this week end , stay cool and read!

3 commentaires:

  1. Lovely flowers. The pink roses both on the big bush and also the newest one are beautiful.
    When we walk around the lake we see geese affected by the Avian flu. Some are acting oddly and others lie dead. It's so sad.

  2. I walked around my garden a bit ago in the cool drizzle. June is so beautiful in our gardens.

  3. It is beautiful with all the flowers, and so good for the bees! The basswood tree is huge! I hope it is not too hot, it sounds too much for me.


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