jeudi 9 juin 2022

Paddington and Co !

I found this little chair in what we call an « empty house »the Teddy Bears are from a holiday in New York. 
These are antiques the pram and the child washing bassin

Child armchair

These are vintage toys a donkey and a very old Teddy bear

I love this small elephant so cute!

A hand made teddy bear from Cornwall.
And finally Paddington 🐻 Bears!

Love Paddington ! Reminds me when I had to take the train at Paddington station to go to Chippenham and Bristol.
Trying to make paper roses!
( today unfortunately my washing machine is out of order! Thinking about « repair » or buy a new one???)

3 commentaires:

  1. More wonderful collections, with stories!
    Good job on the paper roses.

  2. Oh how I am fond of teddy bears!! Yours are so cute.
    Good job on the paper roses too.

  3. Paddington Bear is such a likeable fellow. Did you see the little video with Paddington and the Queen during the Jubilee celebration? Your paper roses are beautiful!


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