mardi 28 juin 2022

Morning routine.

At the back of the house the rose bush is blooming and a lot bees are buzzing 
Bandit is looking for Ceasar his enemy!
He was not in the weeping willow but he certainly was during the night.
The wheat is soon ready to cut 🌾 

I was sure to see apples 🍎 in the apple tree
Bandit trying to climb the tree!

Once the wheat field was full of poppies it was beautiful. 
I have been watering the plant and then did some washing and ironing.
This afternoon I will be reading and having a rest!
This is today my daily routine!

I like Japanese literature.

5 commentaires:

  1. Bandit is so active.:)
    A hope you are having a good rest this afternoon. It is hot here, I am in the dark room and drink a lot of water.

  2. Bandit really was trying to climb the tree.
    It's so beautiful around you.
    Hope you had a nice rest and enjoyed the book.

  3. Most of us here are really happy that the heat is gone and coolness has returned. Of course, it is a bit too cool for some of us. That's how it goes here in the PNW.

  4. What a lovely pink rosebush!! So full of flowers! I like the pink banner that you hung ( to match the rosebush?)

  5. Bandit looks very determined to get at whatever is in the tree. The pink rosebush is so big and beautiful. After our sunny and warm few days, the temperature is cool enough for sweaters again. The flowers love it! I hope you've enjoyed your restful afternoon.


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