vendredi 3 juin 2022

A long week-end!

Today, the MRI went well. I took a taxi as Mr L could not stop working today and I arrived early and finally was lucky and did not have to wait! I was out by the time I had my appointment , I had time to have my lunch before the taxi arrives.
I went to the garden with my basket and cut some roses before the rain and thunder!
The peony is finally in bloom

I made some bouquet and I am watching “ inspector Lewis” in Oxford this beautiful town ! 

We will have a three days weekend and we will try to visit a village full of roses it’s name is Gerberoy or Giverny depends on the weather!

5 commentaires:

  1. It is good to know that the MRI went well. Have a nice long weekend. Your roses are nice like always.

  2. Oh, Giverny! Such a wonderful place!

  3. I'm glad the MRI went well.
    Your flowers are just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful flowers. I watched an Insp. Lewis this week too.

  5. So glad that your MRI went well. Beautiful flowers in your garden. We enjoy watching Inspector Lewis, too. Giverny is such a beautiful garden and house. Enjoy the roses!


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