dimanche 5 juin 2022

Where are the colours gone?

Hardly any roses?


 Do you know where I am? A place with many people from all over the world! Giverny.

I first went to the house to take pictures for you and then the garden! But we were very disappointed by the garden… I was expecting roses , but there were hardly any , any roses and any flowers! It was all green .

It usually has always some flowers blooming to have some colours. I remember we used to go with our children or foreigner visitor three or four times a year and I have never seen all this green! No peonies, no roses…

I love the dining room and kitchen.

The only flowers I saw were fake flowers.

This is “Chateau Gaillard “  built by Richard Cœur de Lion 1196.
Me on the bridge, but we could not see much ( the wisterias were wilted, so were the iris ) 

One water Lilly was in bloom, but there are rare on the

Pound nowadays. 

I hope we will have luck tomorrow and see some roses in the village of roses  in Gerberoy .

Yesterday’s finds:

3 commentaires:

  1. So few flowers! I wonder why? Is it because of the heat you've had? We also visited the Chateau Gaillard on our trip. It was a hot climb up to the castle. I love the interior of Monet's home with such strong colours. The dining room would cheer anyone up on a cloudy, rainy day.

  2. We were there on the 4th of July some years ago. Lots of flowers then. Maybe you were just a little early. Our roses, which are heavily pruned, are not blooming yet.

  3. It must have been so disappointing to see so few flowers at Giverny.
    The pictures of the interior are lovely, especially the dining room.


Working hard on our project.

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