lundi 3 mai 2021

Purple , « Parme »


Hello Friends,
Normally we should the lilac trees in bloom!
But as you can see, where are the flowers?
The wisterias only have one little flower....
I like the different colours of lilacs. In the decoration I prefer very pale lilac and not too much.  In french «  Parme » 
Do you like this colour?
Today, I should have received my food delivery between 10  to 12 
And I had to phone to get it, they only have one delivery man and not well organised. We will see next week if they improve!
This morning, I noticed that three nests are being empty the baby sparrows have left, there is only one nest full of babies!
But we have new birds Magpies in the garden and turtle dove.
Hope you’ll have a nice day!

Another plant on the garden in french »monnaie du Pape »
I found «  honesty » as a translation ( not sure)

(Sources internet, chromatic paint, charming decoration)

3 commentaires:

  1. De zacht lila kleur zie ik graag in de tuin, niet in huis.

    De bloeiende plant die bij jullie monnaie du Pape heet.
    Heeft in Nederland de naam Judaspenning(Lunaria annua)

    En het voorjaar met warmer weer komt er echt aan volgens onze weerman.

    Lieve groet,Ger

  2. I read that much of Europe is having a very cold spring. I hope it soon warms up and the flowers bloom for you.


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