jeudi 27 mai 2021

Magazines, books and garden.

 Hello Friends,

Today, we have SUN! Only until Sunday.But it is nice!

With all that rain, the garden is now full of grass and weeds!

Today before I go out this afternoon, I will show you one of my hobbies,  books and magazines.

I am far from the town, so each month I go and get my favorite magazines.

This is an apple crate I put wheels on and keep my Nordique Living in. These magazines are from Denmark. I love them.
Before I used to read English issue of Country Living and US issue of Victoria magazine.
I keep them preciously and look at them from time to time.
Today I will cook with this book.

Now, let me you my new application I have got with my garden robot. You can see were I live.  

The first picture is our field at the back and the second one the front garden with the robot working , so I know where he is and I can drive it from my phone. Helps me a lot now! As I I am not allowed to go on my mower.

Today, I think it will be possible to go out for a walk!😃

I wish you a lovely day!

4 commentaires:

  1. Yesterday the weather was sunny. We went to a restaurant and ate at the terrace. It was good after such a long time.
    You have nice magazines.

  2. So glad for your sunny day and your hardworking robot mower! I used to love, love, love magazines and also catalogs. I don't know why I got away from reading them. I think because they got kind of expensive around here. I still do splurge on some needlework and "shabby" decorating magazines sometimes! I love your idea of putting the crate on wheels!!!

  3. There are so many lovely magazines! I wonder if you have time to read all of them!!
    I hope you had a wonderful walk in the sunshine!!

  4. A sunny weekend is forecast here, too, and I hope it warms up. It's very windy, though, so we'll just have to wait and see. Your magazines look like ones I'd be interested in, too. Sometimes our stores carry French magazines and I pick up the Marie Claire Idées, or Maison Campagne. Enjoy your sunny days!


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