jeudi 20 mai 2021

Cutting our field grass.

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday, was a busy day! Somebody came to do an estimation

For us to change our awning ( don’t know if it’s the right word) to make shade on a terrace, for a new electric one. I chose yellow and white stripe, to be more estival. Then an estimation by the same person to change our windows, this one is the first estimation, but I have others to do.

Then, I heard the noise of an old tractor and knew it was the retired farmer who yearly comes to cut the grass in our field!

He had been cutting the grass of a neighbour and wanted to know if he could come. This is his pocket money, so he does not forget!

He is more than 80 so each time I am scared and had to look after him, yesterday it was not very easy with the two of them!

So I had two people at the same times did it was difficult to manage.our field is at the back of our house.

Today, a new estimation for our heating, within two years oil heating won’t be allowed any more so we choose a heat pump.

I have an appointment at 10h30 so I must hurry!

5 commentaires:

  1. The shade with yellow and white stripes on your terrace must be nice. I could see a similar one here.
    The field is also a nice, green place.
    I like the photos. Thanks for them.

  2. The tractor looks 80, too! It is hard when you have more than one service person at your home. Hard to give both attention. You end up going back and forth, checking to make sure each one is safe and knowing what you want. The awning in yellow and white is going to be very pretty! I wonder what the grass that was mowed was used for? I know some grow "orchard grass" here for sale to those who have guinea pigs.

  3. Those appointments kept you busy! I hope it all works out. You have a large property and the grass was so tall already.Lucky the man came to cut it with his tractor.

  4. The grass looks wonderful all cut. We had had tradesmen here this week too & I find it stressful sometimes. Especially when they have to work inside the house.


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