mardi 4 mai 2021

Sky, clouds and sunflower and Benedictine.

Hello Friends
I had my first COVID injection yesterday.
As I have some allergies, I had to stay 30 mn after the injection to see if I was ok.
Last night I had back pains , took a tablet and feel better now.
I like to take pictures of the sky with different lights and clouds.
Some pictures are from the sea side and others from home
The sunset is from my window.
Have you heard of Fecamp in Normandy?
The building is the Benedictine  palace.
Benedictine is an alcohol made with herbs , by the monks.
Before the Covid , we used to go there during the weekend ( it is by the sea) and have a cake and a little glass of Benedictine.
This palace has a fabulous architecture and the inside is a museum. 
It is really worth to visit!

4 commentaires:

  1. It is good that you got your first Covid injection.I hope that you will not feel back pain in the future but if you have tablet, you can help you.
    The photos are nice as always.I like nice clouds.

  2. So nice to see pictures from your places. So good that you got your first injection. It´s the same for me. I had a light fever the day after, but then I was ok. Hoping this pandemi will be over soon.
    Have a nice evening and lovely days in this spring - and hope you have warmer than us. It´more like november her now.
    All the best

  3. I have not heard of it, but all your photos are so pretty! I would love to visit there.
    I will be having my first shot on Friday. :)

  4. I hope the achiness from the first injection has passed. Your sky photos are lovely, so varied and interesting. The Benedictine palace looks like a wonderful place to visit.


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