jeudi 6 mai 2021

Between land and sea.

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Brittany the land of fairies and of Merlin, King Arthur and Broceliande forest a magical place!

There is a succession of big stones the name of the place is Helgoat. It is called a Tor an accumulation of granitic stones.

One is 7 m long 3 m high and weigh 137 tons.

Lots of beliefs and legends in this place.

These stones are considered as synonymous of miracles.

People come to touch them for a happy marriage .

They are also called the rocking stones.

They are located in a forest and this is really a very impressive place! This part of Brittany is called Finistère ( land’s end)

Lot’s of beautiful churches 


The churches have many treasures inside, such as Saint’s relics.
The land with heather is called les Monts d’Arree such a beautiful place and a nice view from the top.

Today, I am not too bad after my first Covid injection , I only had some pain in the back, I hope the second one at the end of the month will be fine.
Today, we are having an horrible weather! Cold and rain.
I know that it is dry and we need some rain, but it also ruins the flowers ! We had high wind and it broke my beautiful peonies!
Hope you are having a better weather!
I wish you a good day!

thank you for your visits and comments I am always very pleased to hear from you.

6 commentaires:

  1. The weather is the same here. Wind and rain.
    After my first injection I was well. I will get the second one in July 2nd.
    I am sorry for your peonies.
    The photos are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful pictures of old churches! And those enormous rocks are amazing.
    Good to hear you have not had bad effects from your shot.
    So sad about your poor Peonies. I wait and wait for mine to bloom and hurry to bring some in when bad weather is in the forecast. I only have white ones that have a spot of red in each bloom ( and they smell heavenly).

  3. This is another beautiful place. Those rocks are incredible! And I love those old churches too.
    It's cold and windy here too. Our peonies aren't blooming yet, but it's so sad yours were blown over.

  4. We are having rain now and it is chilly, but this too will pass. Spring is lovely here and rain is needed.

  5. Your area is truly magical. Are the people happy to live in such a beautiful place, I wonder? I cannot believe the size of that stone next to the house. Incredible. Maybe a glacier moved it there. Someone should write a book, "The Churches of Brittany." It would be a beautiful book. What a relief to have had your first injection. I hope you will be well after the second one, too.

  6. I enjoyed so much to see the pictures. The landscape is beautiful, and the churches are beautiful!


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