mercredi 26 mai 2021

Cherries and Clafoutis recipe.

 Hello Friends,

Saturday we went to the fruit shop, like every Saturday and bought the first cherries of the year.
I love cherries and these ones were very sweet.
I remembered I had a “ Nature morte” I think it is “Stiill life”
About fruits and cake.
I bought it on internet on a place where you can sell or buy what you don’t want any more. In France it’s called “ le bon coin”
Unfortunately there are no cherries on it!
But I like it very much. Our grandmother had this kind of frames in their kitchen our dining room.
This is a reproduction of a painting but still nice and vintage.
Wit the cherries, I made a clafoutis .
I always make the clafoutis Limousin.
100gr flour
90gr sugar
6 eggs
1/4 liter milk
750gr cherries
Pinch of salt
1soup spoon Kirsch ( cherry alcohol)
Mix flour eggs salt
Add a little milk stir
Add the milk little by little 
Like pan cakes.
Add the cherries and bake 35 mn in oven 6 or 7 
Gaz 205 - 230 watching from time to time.
Them put some icing sugar on top and eat warm.
This is delicious and easy!

New born Iris!

5 commentaires:

  1. I love those vintage prints. Prints have a long and honorable history that sometimes people forget! I guess Ebay is similar to your "le bon coin." I have gotten some wonderful vintage things from Ebay. I would love to try your cherry cake recipe!

  2. What a lovely tradition to have a "nature morte" in your kitchen. The raspberries in it look delicious, but not as delicious as your cherry clafoutis. We have another month or more before cherries show up here. They are my favourite summer fruit and I usually make at least one clafoutis when they are in season. Do you leave the pits in or take them out?

  3. Years ago I made Cherry Clafoutis quite often. For some reason I stopped and I don't know why. It was always delicious.

  4. never had a cherry clafoutis but I know I would like it. Your picture is very pretty, ideal for the kitchen too.


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