dimanche 9 mai 2021

Going to the sea at least!

 Hello Friends,

After been at home since September because of my spine cord surgery I could finally go to the sea side!

I have walked five km and I am tired.

We have been north and done 200 km not to have a crowd.

This morning, we took a sandwich and water and off we went!

Here the restaurants are closed and we have to eat in our car or outside. We decided to eat outside to have air from the sea.

After lunch we had a walk by the sea and then we went to” Mers les bains” another sea town famous  when the train developed in France and took the people from Paris to the sea.

I love the houses architecture “Art Nouveau”

The weather was fine and we could buy an ice cream!

On Friday, I was busy with the company which is going to instal

Air conditioning in the house. The last summers, we had a very hot weather, so before it arrives they will instal it on June 15fh. Last year some places had 40C and even more!

Today, it was 23 C whereas it was so cold last week. They are planing a big heat wave this summer.

We are having other projects as I am feeling better after all these months.

I also will receive my second injection within three weeks and will be ready to visit my son in Autumn.

As the temperature is much better at the moment all the trees are having leaves and the flowers are blooming in one day!

I wish you a good week!

( now as it was hot we are having a terrible thunderstorm!)

5 commentaires:

  1. Great to hear about your walk and the houses are just beautiful!!!
    Have a lovely week and take care!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to go to the sea! I love the little cabins on the beach and agree that the architecture of the homes is beautiful! I think European homes have a lot of charm.
    Air conditioning will be such a treat. We had it installed a few years ago and really appreciate it in the heat.

  3. Yes, the houses are all very lovely. I find old buildings more to my taste than newer ones.
    What a good idea to have air conditioning installed now before the hot summer arrives and everyone else wants A/C installed and you would have to wait your turn.

  4. I had spinal fusion in July and total hip replacement in January, so I understand the struggle and then the joy of being able to get out and move more freely. what a beautiful place.

  5. I'm glad that you are getting stronger and were able to go and visit the sea. I can imagine how wonderful the fresh sea air felt and smelled!


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