vendredi 28 mai 2021

On my way...

 Hello Friends,

On my way to our little post office ( opened only two hours a day)
I met these animals on my way on the village common grounds.
When I was spending my Holidays in England, I remember the children speaking of the commons.

This makes me think of when I was 11 I used to spend my holidays  with an English family in Amersham Buckinghamshire.
I liked to stay with this family of five children as I was an only child.
I must tell you the story of John C who was an 18 year old soldier
Who came to France and these young soldiers often came to my grandmother who had 9 children.
After the war the two mothers made friends and long after I went to meet them and took my grand parents to see John’s parents.
This was my second family!

Coming back to the common, full of buttercups, they don’t have to use lawn mower, but they have donkeys, goats...
These animals are from a place just across the street, a place where they do animal therapy for the people who have different problems.
Their animals pasture there during the day.
I hope you will have a nice weekend , here it will be Mother’s day!

4 commentaires:

  1. How lovely to see the animals in the middle of town.
    Happy Mother's Day to you. I hope you have a weekend filled with sunshine.

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Will you be seeing any of your family? The animals look very content. What a crazy goat to climb the wooden wire spool.

  3. They are all cute! I especially like the goats!


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