dimanche 31 mars 2024

Morning at the garden Center.

We had boxwood on each side of our front door, they were old and died. Today we went to « Desjardins » garden Center to get topiary yews to replace the boxwoods.
They were in the corner before we took them.
Then as there was nobody in the shop we had a look around, paid and went to the car, came back to have lunch at their restaurant.

I also bought this clematis to mix with a big rose bush.

Then we had our lunch and that was my dessert 🧁 à Tarte Tatin with cream from the farm!

We made friends together and look at each other for some time 😆 

 The clematis is being planted by my husband.

We are both not feeling well, but we have a three days weekend and did not want to loose time, so we went out and afterwards we will rest. We have fought a very nasty virus!
By 5 pm we will have rain and thunder so better hurry!
I hope you had a nice day thank you for coming !

2 commentaires:

  1. It looks like a very nice Garden Center. I would enjoy walking around it, and the dessert looks so good!
    Hope you are both feeling better soon.

  2. Very nice garden center. Amazing photos! Be well and have a good month!


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