dimanche 17 mars 2024

A busy Sunday!

Early this morning, we decided to go to two villages where the young parents sell some second hand toys and clothes. This is what we found for our two grandsons.  The toys and clothes are very clean and in very good condition. I also found a cradle for baby William to put in the downstairs bedroom during the day.
The farm animals exhibit takes place in the l’idole of the village in front of the church.
Let me introduce you the winner  đŸ… of the contest!
She is very proud and was posing for the picture 😆 

This is the one from Normandy breed

 Many beautiful farm animals were there. We had a 
very good farm ice cream and bought some honey 🍯 

Now we have to  tidy up and store the toys and clothes!

5 commentaires:

  1. Wow! You were busy! You did so good at the sale.
    I love seeing the farm animals. Such a fun day.

  2. Very beautiful farm animals! Have a beautiful week!

  3. I grew up with farm animals, but I still enjoy seeing them at state and county fairs.
    Looks like your second hand children's toy shopping was very productive.

  4. The childrens toys that you found look so colourful and will I'm sure please Maxime!


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