mardi 19 mars 2024

Preparing the family nest đŸȘș!

The second hand cradle we found on Sunday.

Hello Friends !

This morning I had an estimate to change our awning on our outdoor terrace to lunch in shade during the Summer and I have another one in two days.
The old one can’t be repaired any more ( unfortunately!)
The weather is fine 15 C and sun, I would like to go for a walk with my dog Bandit but he is allergic to spring grass and we have an appointment to the vet on Saturday to get a new prescription until then he must stay inside! 
Today, I also continued to colour the  big cardboard log cabin for Maxime as I have another big cardboard castle to colour before June.
It takes time and painting pencils!
Many things to prepare for our grandsons!
On Sunday I found a folding cradle for William to put in the downstairs bedroom during the day so that our DIL won’t have to climb the stairs all the time.
So, as you can see I am busy preparing like the birds 🩅 outside I am preparing a nest đŸȘș 😆!
Have a good day!


5 commentaires:

  1. Such fun preparing and looking forward to this visit! It will be so wonderful to spend time with all of them.

  2. The baby's cot that you found will be so handy. You've got everything possible for those dear little grandsons.

  3. The cradle looks like a good find. I remember when we were preparing for our grandchildren's visits, from infants to 7 year olds, when they still lived in Colorado.

  4. What a lot of thought you are putting in for the visit. I'm sure he will love the log cabin!

  5. You are making a wonderful place for your family. Our grandchildren had those cardboard houses one year at Christmas and LOVED colouring and playing in them. Such a great idea! Maxime will love it.


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