mardi 12 mars 2024

Sewing and « Babar »

After painting the chair I will make a cushion.
Last year I found a linen jacket which was on sale and just realised that it will match with my new dresses!

This is Babar one of my children ´d toys. Babar is the father of an elephant family and many children’s book have been edited, but no more now according to the bookshops.

I have repaired Babar and will repair the book I found at the Red-Cross last week with some baby second hand baby clothes. It is a good way to give money to the Red -Cross and when the children will go home I will give them the clothes back to sell again.

These are second hand clothes from different associations.

 Yesterday, it was so dark that I had to keep the light on all day. I decided to make a quilt for the boys when they come in July, as their parents use our air conditioning during their stay in the summer.

As usual I have been struggling with my sewing 🧵 machine again! The thread is too tight or too loose…I broke two needles and so on… I nearly threw it by the window ! 😆 but I did it! It took me a looong time!

I used the fabric I bought 36 years ago to make my son’s cradle, it is a Laura Ashley’s fabric.

Now I must make a small round cushion to go on the little armchair. ( wish me good luck!)

Then I decided to make a quilt with all my fabric scraps to get rid of the fabrics I have in my closet.

I have told you Maxime was not feeling well, in fact he has «  hand- foot and mouth syndrome » and has problems to eat, all the nursery has got it!

I wish you a good day and thank you for your visits.

3 commentaires:

  1. I remember Babar. My kids had those books too.
    Your linen jacket looks very nice with the dress.
    I don't sew often but have the same problem with my sewing machine. It's so frustrating!
    Hand, foot and mouth disease is not fun. Hope Maxime is soon feeling better!

  2. I had to Google Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, since I have never encountered it. It appears to be common in child care centers. And it's painful. Poor little kids.
    I bought my kids a stuffed Barbar to go with the books. When they outgrew it I gave it to the school library.

  3. Your linen jacket is perfect with your new dress. A pleasant coincidence. How many times did I read books about Babar to my children!!!
    Poor Maxime. I've heard that they are in continuous pain when their mouths are affected with that disease.


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