jeudi 28 mars 2024

A cold and Easter chocolate.

Hello Friends!

Since a few days I was not feeling well. Tomorrow I was very cold with fever I thought it was my fifth covid!

But my husband tested me for covid this morning and I am negative. Just a big cold! So today I am not doing much.

Last night, a patient gave us chocolate for Easter 🐣. This is very kind of them, we have chocolate for Xmas and for Easter and I love these small Belgium chocolate animals ( they already gave us the same last year and they are so good 😊! 

For the picture I have put them in a very old vintage cake stand. I love the colour and the roses and ribbons pattern. It is stained by time but I love it.

Today, is our Son in law’s Birthday (already 43! Time flies…) 

Well, I think I will stay warm inside and rest for the day. We have a three days long weekend with Easter Monday I hope I’ll feel better by then.

Have a nice day.

(Jeff de Bruges Belgium chocolate)


6 commentaires:

  1. Happy Easter! I'm sorry you feel unwell!
    Happy Birthday to your SIL...time does indeed pass so fast!

  2. The chocolates are so pretty and so nice of the patients to give them.
    I'm sorry you are sick. Bob is also sick with a stomach bug.
    Happy Birthday to your SIL!

  3. I have had some of those chocolates that were seashells. Wonderful!
    That cake stand is a treasure.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Bye, I hope you get well soon! Happy Easter! Chocolate animals are great!

  5. What pretty little Easter chocolates! I hope you feel better today.

  6. The chocolates are a special treat. How pretty the old dish is. I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the three-day weekend.


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