mercredi 13 mars 2024

Craft of the day.

Looking for old children’s book in my craft room
And found Peter Rabbit books I had forgotten.
This is my finished work! Ready for the grandsons!
Yesterday, although the little armchair had a nice patina I decided to paint it to match the bed and bookcase I am going to buy for Maxime and I sewed ( with difficulty a small cushion) I will sew another bigger one today with the rest of the fabric.
I decided to make one craft a day while it is raining.
I also had a look at the children ´d book I have kept
To fill the small bookcase and I was glad to find Peter Rabbit ´d book again!
Today, I must do grocery shopping and visit a shop where I have seen a child’s bookcase and do some scrapbooking journaling  when back home. I received new die cuts yesterday to decorate my journal.
Then I must find vegetarian recipes as my DIL and Maxime are not eating meat at all. We don’t eat meat a lot but we are not veggie and my DIL will be breast feeding the baby so I must feed her and Maxime well! 😆 


4 commentaires:

  1. Your chair and cushion look so lovely. What a difference!

  2. Catherine! It turned out beautiful and I love it!

  3. You prepare very well to receive the family. They will be happy about it.

  4. The chair looks very nice in white and the cushion is cute.


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