vendredi 29 mars 2024

Happy Easter 🐣 !

Who is under this blanket?

Bandit my dog 🐕 and this is how I feel today!

As I had covid at Xmas I am not well for Easter ! I still am shivering, sneezing…I may spend Easter in my bed.

Yesterday we had another storm 185kmh on the coast and as we are not very far so we had violent storm and branches everywhere again. The weather is cold and rainy, not very good for the children egg hunting on Sunday.

This morning the man came to get the estimate and 

Get the deposite for the new awning and I chose the colour. I wore a mask this morning and now I’ll rest.

I wish you a Happy Easter 🐣 !

7 commentaires:

  1. Get well soon! đŸ”đŸŒž

  2. I'm sorry you are ill again. It's been a rough year for you.
    Have a blessed Easter.

  3. It's good that you are taking care of yourself, but I'm sorry that you are feeling so poorly during this spring and Easter season. Take care.

  4. Regardless of your cold have a blessed Easter. I hope you're feeling better soon. Diana

  5. It seems so unfair that you are again not feeling well. I hope tomorrow brings better health ( as well as sunshine).

  6. I hope you will soon feel better. The chocolates in your last post are beautiful. Happy Easter!

  7. Hej Catherine,
    Van harte beterschap en heb een fijne Pasen!
    Lieve groet Willy


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