mardi 28 novembre 2023

This and that…

I started a small journal and this is what I do while watching TV in the evening.

This year, the amaryllis will be red and white.
Between two showers a little bit of sun!
Last year in Summer I bought this teapot 🫖 from a closing shop for Maxime.
I find it very cute.

 This morning I had an appointment to do my nails

💅 I like to have my nails done at the little beauty saloon  in the village next to mine, we chat and this is a moment of relaxation, as the next client did not come I had a facial care and massage to relax more!

Then the place where I have my little corner space called me a lady wanted two of my items and one price label was gone, but after asking me to reduce the price she bought the two. I already have sold 11 items in three days. So I went back home, took some more things to sell and went back to my shop.

I am really surprised because everything is in order people take good care of my display , Maybe it is because I decorated it?

Well, I am very happy 😃 to see that some people are still behaving “normally” nowadays!

It was late and I phoned my husband and we met in our little restaurant to have lunch together.

Then I went to the post to send two parcels 📦 one of them is for Maxime’s Christmas 🎄 .

Now, I will have a rest and will work on my “ art journal”.

Have a good day!

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh Catherine, it is so good to know that people can behave normally. I meet them, too.
    So Maxime's Christmas parcel is on its way. He will be happy about it.
    Have a rest, you deserved it.

  2. It sounds like your shop is going well, and being treated well too.
    That tea pot is wonderful.

  3. How wonderful your things are selling! Well done!
    Maxime's cookie jar is adorable! Hopefully they will all come for a visit, soon!
    Have a sweet day!

  4. How lovely it is when people behave well and are considerate of others. I'm glad your shop items are selling well. I'm sure your decoration attracts people to it.
    The tea pot is very whimsical. Maxime will love it.


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