dimanche 19 novembre 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends ! ( in advance) because I was not feeling well 
Last week and this morning I had arythmie again after a very stressful Saturday afternoon and a difficult week my son  in Dubai being ill.
My doctor husband is trying to keep me home with some medication anti arrhythmic so  and anti coagulant.
I hope to be back on my feet soon for the opening of my little shop on Friday.
If things don’t go back to normal I will have to go to the clinic again.
Since then, see you soon I hope.



8 commentaires:

  1. Dear Catherine, I hope that you will be well soon!

  2. Krya på dig!!
    Stor och varm kram från Titti

  3. I love the vintage Thanksgiving cards!
    You have some serious stuff going on. I'm glad you have your own resident doctor. Be careful, take care of yourself.

  4. I'm sorry you are dealing with that arrythmia again. I'm glad you have your own Dr to look after you. Praying it clears up and you feel better soon.
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings.

  5. Praying you feel better soon dear lady!!

  6. Dear Catherine,
    I hope you soon feel better. It's wonderful that your husband is a doctor who can care for you so well. Do take good care. Love and prayers from Canada.

  7. Oh, how unfortunate for you. I hope you manage at home with medications. Sometimes they can fine-tune things better in the hospital. But who wants that? Home is home.How do you feeling today?

  8. You haven't written since Sunday. How are you? I worry about you.


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