lundi 22 mars 2021

Paper cabinet of curiosities

 Hello friends,

Some time ago, I found this book «  cabinet de curiosités « 
I began to cut and to assemble the pieces of paper and I did not know what to do with them, so I took cardboard shoe boxes, painted them black and displayed my découpage in them.
I have some more left to assemble.
The scarabée and dragonfly, were part of my daughter Xmas present sand I just made them yesterday. Not easy to make!
For my last Birthday, my son has sent me these books about «  Cabinet of curiosities ». There is a shop in Rouen which is a real cabinet of curiosities it’s a very nice shop.
The cabinets curiosities are the ancestors of our museums, born in the 14thC , they were made from extraordinary objects.

(The book « cabinets de curiosités is from Ed de la Martiniere)
I hope you will have a good day!

The flower is what I did this afternoon.

3 commentaires:

  1. I'm a little confused about what is in the shop and what is in your house, that you made, but it's all wonderful!

  2. Oh, I just found my error. You made all of these things from directions in that book. Wow! Amazing.

  3. I am so impressed! These are amazing!


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