mercredi 31 mars 2021

Le Bec Helloin Abbey.

 Hello friends,

I am back after the surgery, I am resting to recover quicker.

But, I will have to go through another surgery during this year , that is the bad news! But I have done this one and that is the most important for the moment.

Today, I will post pictures I took from Le Bec Helloin Abbey.

There was a big cathedral which was destroyed during the revolution, so now the church is in the ancient horse stables.

This is the place we like to go to pray and meditate on Sundays.

This is a very quite place and monks are still living there.

I hope you enjoy the visit and I want to warmly thank you for your prayers and your kindness.


6 commentaires:

  1. Glad to see you back! But sorry there is another surgery to undergo later. Well, at least one down, one to go. What a beautiful abbey. Here in the U.S., we just don't, in my opinion, have such beautiful architecture from the past.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. Too bad about having to have another. The abbey is beautiful, full of history and stories. What a lovely place to go each Sunday to pray and worship. Are you still able to gather in a church? Here in our part of Canada, we cannot. We watch the service on line.
    I hope your recuperation goes well.

  3. Glad the surgery is done and you are recuperating! Prayers for quick healing.
    This place is so beautiful. Someday I would love to visit Europe and see some of these old buildings.

  4. What a beautiful place to just go and be quiet.
    sending best wishes for comfort and healing.

  5. Thank you for beautiful photos. Best wishes for your recovery.

  6. I have missed some posts and have some catching up to do. I'm so glad for you that your surgery is done and now the healing can begin. It is unfortunate that you will have to have another surgery though. All the best, GM


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