mercredi 24 mars 2021

See you soon

 Dear friends,

As you know, if you are following my blog, I am going to have a surgery on March 30th. I have lots of tests to do, COVID ..

I will be busy until then, so I decided to have a pause on my blog for a few days. I hope everything will be ok and that I will be back soon.

For those of you who are new, you may have a look at my previous posts if you like. I will miss you!

I say good bye for now, see you soon. Hugs to you.


8 commentaires:

  1. Lieve Catherine, wens je veel kracht,succes en liefde en dat alles goed mag komen.

    Ik denk aan je🍀
    Lieve groet,

  2. Dear Catherine,
    I pray that all will go well with your tests and surgery. Hugs, Lorrie

  3. I am sending you best wishes for the surgery and the tests. Hugs from Marit

  4. Praying all goes well with the surgery and see you soon!

  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you get ready for, then go through the surgery. (((hugs)))

  6. I will be thinking of you Catherine, and hope everything goes well and you will soon be back with us again.
    Lots of love Mxx

  7. I guess I missed what surgery your are having. I wish you the best.


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