lundi 15 mars 2021



Hello friends ,
This weekend , we did a good job. My husband and I did the Spring cleaning! We did the house cleaning and we choose the clothes we wanted to keep and gave the others to a charity association.
Everything is clean and at it’s place!
As the weather was very bad, nothing to do in the garden.
As I was looking at some magazines, before classifying them, I came across some pages of inspirations in decorating and sewing.
I especially love the transfer ware embroidery.
The blue desk was decorated with wallpaper.
The « cloches » decorations are from the shop in Netherlands in my previous post.
The pictures are taken from «  Marie Claire idées «  magazines.

3 commentaires:

  1. In bad weather you could do a lot cleanings inside and the selections of clothes. It is good! I also must do that but I have pains and I am alone. I will do later. The photos are nice. I especially like embrodieries.

  2. Spring cleaning is a wonderful tradition. And it truly accomplishes a fresh start! I love the ideas you shared. The embroideries are just fantastic. Such beauty from a bit of cloth and a few colors of floss!

  3. J'adore Marie Claire Idées! C'est un peu chère ici. La nappe brodée est tellement belle!


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