lundi 26 février 2024

Better stay indoor!

 Hello Friends !

Yesterday, I decided to get rid of all the fabrics I had in my closet and decided to sew dust bags for my bag collection ! Yes, I am a bag addict ! I already got rid of the wool and now the fabric. The small pieces will go in a patchwork and the Laura Ashley one is going to be a bed and pillow cover for the new baby cradle. It will go from father to son! Here is my new bag! One more!

Yesterday, I also baked scones to eat with my lemon curd, scones are good, easy to make and SO good with tea!

Our DIL has a doctor appointment to see if she is going to have a second Caesarian, the baby was small and had problems, but with the vitamins they gave her now it seems to be a big baby like the first one! So they don’t want him to be too big and he may arrive earlier.

The other grandma has arrived and will stay about a month to help her daughter which is reassuring.

The weather is still horrible and we had strong wind last night today we will have more rain and rain!I will continue my sewing 🧵 and I must do some exercise on my treadmill as I am not going out it is so wet and cold at the same time.

I hope you’ll spend a nice day with some sun 🌞 !

Thank you for coming.

5 commentaires:

  1. I like your new bag! You have good ideas to use that fabric for.
    It is supposed to be unseasonably warm here today, but then snow tomorrow!

  2. Hello! What a cozy post! Enjoy the time indoors, and prayers for your daughter-in-law. I had four C-sections myself!

  3. No sunshine here either. I am so anxious for warm sunshine!!
    Yes, scones are easy to make and so delicious.

  4. Dust bags are such useful things. I made scones this morning for coffee with a friend - orange ones.
    It's cold here, too. We had a little snow fall yesterday, but it didn't stay. Good weather for sewing and baking.

  5. Your new hand bag is beautiful. I am not a bag person so I don't need dust bags for my bags. I have a few in plantic bags.
    I am using up fabric scraps - slowly - to make colorful quilt squares. Someday they may be used in a bigger project. For now it's just fun playing with color and shapes.


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