lundi 19 février 2024

Grey outside, but colours inside.

My morning outing. I went to order a Birthday cake for our daughter and went to have a look at the shops.

This is what is called the Château which is being restored at the moment. I think it will be beautiful when the restoration will be finished. It was not raining and I had a nice walk!

This morning I just received these videos from my son in Dubai. This is an exhibition in the Dubai Mall called « Arte Museum » and I thought I could share it with you. Today, I will go out and prepare our daughter’s Birthday. The weather is not really inviting it is all grey and damp. I slept well after doing steps yesterday because of the plumber asking me to go up and down
And I walked 3 kms in the house!
I hope you enjoy the videos I love them all, but the one with the sea is astonishing !

 Thank you for visiting enjoy your day!

5 commentaires:

  1. I think that building will be beautiful too. I love the architecture you have around you.
    I enjoyed those videos! Amazing art and especially the sea. I bet it was really interesting to see in person.
    Have a good day getting ready for your daughters celebration!

  2. Yes, I agree. The little video of the sea is my favourite.

  3. They are wonderful scenes, and the sea was particularly good, but I also liked the Impressionist garden.

  4. Your village is so wonderful.
    Those art installations are amazing.

  5. The chateau will be a beautiful place when restored. How lucky you are to have such wonderful things so close to you. I enjoyed the videos - I caught a glimpse of Monet's Garden in one of them, and the sea with the Northern Lights above is really wonderful.


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