vendredi 16 février 2024

A little rest before the weekend.

(Source: ZZZOe)

A little coffee with dried strawberries  đŸ“ to get energy !

Hello Friends,

This is how I feel today 😆 like Bandit, after all my cleaning and sorting out, but I will continue slowly today. Tomorrow we will go to the shops to get special plastic bags to sort out the spare quilts. We use vacuum to get the air out and then need less space in the cabinets and we must prepare a room for Maxime who is coming in July get a bed from Ikea, the baby bed will be for William and a new chest of drawers, well…we will be busy this weekend !

I wish you a peaceful weekend !

This afternoon Nono the garden robot is coming back home. The weather is grey today but still warm, warmth from North Africa, I hope we won’t get sand from the desert everywhere.


4 commentaires:

  1. What a lovely tea cup and saucer!!
    Have a pleasant and restful weekend.

  2. Your tea and strawberries looks pretty and good! And Bandit looks cozy. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The teacup is so pretty and matches the strawberries. What a good snack. There's lots to do to prepare for a family visit, and you'll enjoy getting everything ready.


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