dimanche 11 février 2024

Bayeux, queen Mathildés tapestry and William the conqueror.

Hello Friends,
We left early this morning to Bayeux.
I have told you that my second grandson will be named William ( Guillaume in french)
My son gave him the name of William because of « Guillaume le conquérant, William the conqueror who was our Duke of Normandy and became king of England.
We went to the queen Mathilde ( his wife) tapestry
From the 11th Century.
Unfortunately we can’t take pictures of the tapestry which is 70 meters long. We can’t photography it not to damage it but in my next post I will show you part of it.

This is Bayeux ´s cathedral 

Middle Ages houses. The streets are still paved

This house is the beautiful one don’t you think so?
We had a cake in à pâtisserie 

 And then continued our trip… to be continued tomorrow !

5 commentaires:

  1. I have seen photos of the Bayeux tapestry. It's in a long, scroll form, and amazingly well preserved.

  2. The cathedral is such a beautiful building! I'm sure the inside is also gorgeous. What a good idea naming little William after William the Conqueror. 💗

  3. What a fun and beautiful outing! The architecture is so amazing.
    I'm looking forward to more photos tomorrow.
    I think William is a great name.

  4. The house is beautiful, as is the patisserie and the cake. I'd love to see the Bayeux Tapestry one day. Such a magnificent piece of needleart.

  5. Ik zou dit kleed ook graag eens in het echt willen zien. Prachtige pâtisserie .


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