lundi 5 février 2024

A new week after a nice weekend.

Hello Friends !
Our weekend was busy. On Saturday we went out to get  a watch my husband had left to get repaired in a small town we often go 45 mn from home and at the same time I could go to my favourite Italian clothes shop to have a look at the last sales. Last time I went there I saw this wool cardigan and it was half price, but this time a very good bargain 70 % off so I decided to buy it
, two black jumpers and a coat with hood ( all was 70% off) I can wear this coat on both sides the other one is black.
Then we had a cake and a coffee in our favourite coffee shop.
On Sunday, we stayed home I had a Skype with Maxime and we went out for a walk with Bandit our dog. The weather is all grey but the temperature was about 10 degrees.
Then I did some crocheting 🧶 to get rid of these cotton I had in a box.

I also found … a new bag! It is a faded pink colour.

 Today Monday, I am baking and cooking for the week and a special meal for my son in law who is coming to help on Wednesday.

Stuff d butternut and stuffed sweet potatoes 🍠 
Cider and carrots pork stew.
 a fruit cake loaf and vanilla yogurts.
Then blue g visits and 
Tomorrow hair cut and Thursday 😨 dentist!
I Hope you ok enjoy your week!

5 commentaires:

  1. Looks like you had a nice weekend! I really like your new sweater and the bag is so cute!
    Your son in law will enjoy what you are making for him.

  2. You are a very successful shopper. And a great cook!

  3. Your new clothes are lovely but it is the bag that I LOVE 💗💗💗

  4. The cardigan sweater looks cozy and stylish, and you found it at such a good price. Your meals sound delicious. Have a good week.


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