jeudi 22 février 2024

Preparations during the storm.

Zen during the storm with incense we brought from Japan. I like the perfume and to look at the  volutes.

The parcel arrived in Dubaï!
It’s always a stress to wait and hope it arrives safely.
Number 38 balloons 🎈  🎈 
This is what I found! A tee shirt where you can sign and leave a message
A big lollipop! I like to organise Birthdays souvenirs

Like when they were children.

Candles, napkins 

This is to put on a window

A big balloon Birthday cake!

Sweets she loved when she was a child

A box to put the present inside.I hope we will have fun!

 This morning I went to get what I needed for the Birthday Party before the wind storm begins. They ‘ve closed the bridges and we are warned  to go out this morning and stay inside this afternoon until late tonight. Better stay inside!

Thank you for your visit!

Yesterday I made 3 pots of lemon curd.

6 commentaires:

  1. So glad your package arrived safely!

  2. We have a weather warning here also. The wind is high and the rain never stops. What wonderful gifts you had sent,

  3. You are a good mom! I'm sure she'll enjoy her party.
    Stay safe in the storm!

  4. Hello! Your sweet birthday package made me teary eyed because my children are grown and we are apart on their birthdays. I send them things, but that sign on Tee shirt is a wonderful idea! Love your blog!

  5. I have never made my own lemon curd; I'm sure yours is even better than the one I get made by Bonne Maman/
    I hope you are safe from the storm.

  6. What a lovely birthday you planned. Lemon curd is such a treat! I hope the storm passed you safely by.


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