jeudi 15 février 2024

Spring cleaning đŸ§č !

Today, it is Spring! Sun and 16C!
Yesterday, I had a message from my son, they are arriving in July instead of August due to the Olympic Games in Paris. It will be too crowded in Paris and on the roads.
With the nice weather I was full of energy !
I began Spring cleaning đŸ§œ in my craft room and a small room next to it were we keep all sorts of things.

In the small room next to the craft room, I organised all the shelves which are behind linen curtains to keep tidy
This is the little room.
I’ve cleaned the window and did the dusting and wash the floor. This is were I keep baby bath, chair…

Here is the side of ironing and cleaning .
Here is my craft place « Tidy! »

 Next time my son in law is coming I would like him to install a tv, I love je to craft and watch Hercule Poirot 😆 ! This took me all morning and now I will go out a little. It should not rain on Saturday we will work in the garden clean the lawn and cut the grass with our lawnmower before the robot starts his work! He is coming back tomorrow from it’s wintering.
How is the weather where you live?Thank you for your visits!

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm glad you're having good weather! We got hit with a bunch of snow last night. Hopefully it starts melting soon!
    I'm impressed by your cleaning. I am planning to do some work in our spare room today, where everything seems to pile up!

  2. You have certainly been busy spring cleaning!! Everything looks so neat and organized.
    The weather here is windy and only 5*. I hope soon we also will have some days of 16C.

  3. You have packed a lot into that room, and you know where everything is!
    We are experiencing cold rain today.

  4. Good weather does give one energy. You are doing a great job of cleaning and tidying. It's been raining here today and quite cold.


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