samedi 24 février 2024

The day 39 years ago!

Early this morning, we went to get the Birthday cake I have ordered. I’ve had a croissant đŸ„ and I bought some «  mignardises »

These are the mignardises I bought for the coffee.
Well! This will be « the » day replacing my Christmas in bed with Covid for the third time at Christmas !!!!
The croissant we ate.

Then on our way we stopped at a little country church to put a candle for our future second grandson whose birth is due beginning of March .

I took a picture of the church and stained glasses

Before we left this morning the table was laid!

Happy Birthday 🎂 to my daughter Maud ( Maud is Madeleine) already 39 years! We love ❤️ you!

7 commentaires:

  1. Very nice sweets. :)
    Happy bitrthday to your daughter!

  2. What a lovely celebration! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Maud!
    That church is beautiful.

  3. Lovely birthday celebration ❤🎈🎁🎈

  4. Your daughter is beautiful. A very Happy Birthday to Maud! The church windows are lovely with the light shining through. And all those delicious pastries....mmm!

  5. Happy Late Birthday to your Maud! She's lovely! Looks like you all had a fun time!


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