mardi 13 février 2024

Flowers for Valentine 💝

On Saturday I received a mail from our garden Center.

There was a special price for customers for Valentine!

So I could choose two of them… the pink one has a beautiful fragrance, there were a few fragrant ones. Then the ordinary white one.

Then it was my DIL ´s birthday and i chose a « banana bag » with two babies she can wear it cross body, it will be more practical. Now I can write the Birthday card, close the box and go to the post office !

 Today, the weather is fine and it is «  the Chandeleur »and I shall bake pan cakes! Candlemas!

I wish you a Happy Week!
Thank you for your visits!

5 commentaires:

  1. What lovely flowers! I like both of them.

  2. The orchids are so pretty! Your DIL will like that birthday surprise!

  3. Lovely orchids. I always have to Google Candlemas because i never remember what it is. I don't think we celebrate it here.

  4. The orchids are lovely, and your daughter-in-law will enjoy the bag you are sending.


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