mercredi 7 février 2024

Camélias, this and that…

Blue tits are very found of peanuts!

 Today, is home day! I went to have my hair done yesterday and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment.

It will be grey and rain most of the week, this morning I quickly went in the garden to take pictures of the Camélias and hellebores.

Our son in law is coming today to give a help and we will be busy.

Yesterday, before going to the hairdresser I manage to do some journaling, two more pages and I finished my crocheted blanket!

I leave for today and wish you a good day!

6 commentaires:

  1. The camellia's are so pretty! Looks like you will have a lot of them.
    Enjoy your time with your SIL!

  2. I love camellias...gorgeous flowers.
    Your scrapbook is beautiful...Don't work too hard!

  3. I hope that after the busy day you can relax, too. The flowers are beautiful. It is good to see them in February.

  4. Your camelias and hellebores are lovely. Will you post a picture of your crocheted blanket?

  5. Our hellebores are just beginning, and no camellia blooms yet.
    Enjoy you son-in-laws visit.

  6. Your camellias are beautiful - the pink is especially appealing. Sounds like you had a good day.


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