jeudi 1 février 2024

A rainy day.

Yesterday, I baked chocolate salted butter caramel muffins with candied oranges. The inside is melted chocolate. I had one and it tasted very 😊 good!


Then I decided to bake a lemon 🍋 loaf with candied oranges. I had some with my coffee ☕️ this morning.
Lemon and orange are very tasty with coffee.

 At the same time I cleaned the floor, did the laundry 🧺. The day before I made the yogurt for the week.

Today I will cook endives with ham and homemade Béchamel sauce and cheese for tonight.
Our main dish is at night ( it should not be) but my husband has a quick lunch , a sandwich sometimes in his car when he has to visit a patient.
I will have to go back to the shop as yesterday I forgot my shopping list and forgot part of it! ( old age 😆 !)

In the afternoon I will do some crocheting and paper craft, but soon I decided to do some sewing again ( I am not good at sewing, but I will try again, we will see the result!
In the past I had a patchwork course and it was hand sewed patchwork my children remember me doing and undoing my patchwork it was a pineapple patchwork piece and they always laugh when remembering me , but it was quite difficult for a beginner !

Thank you for your visit.

6 commentaires:

  1. You made the patchwork squares? GORGEOUS!!!
    There's nowhere, here, to take a course...if I want to learn, I must open YouTube... :o(

  2. You have more baked goods that look like you could have a bakery!
    We have our main meal at night too. It's hard not to when you are working.
    That quilting is just beautiful!

  3. Pineapple patchwork is one of the most difficult!

  4. Beautiful patchwork 💗. And the chocolate muffins sound wonderful!!

  5. Those muffins sound scrumptious. That pineapple pacthwork is far more difficult than I would attempt, and by hand yet!

  6. Your pineapple patchwork is beautiful, Catherine! I love endives with ham and Bechamel sauce. We rarely see endives here so when they do appear in the market I snap them up and make that very dish. Your muffins sound delicious, too.


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