dimanche 25 février 2024

Working for our Grandson’s

 Hello Friends !

Thank you for your Birthday wishes, my daughter warmly thanks you!

We had a very nice day. Maud made the crepes for everyone as she used to do in the past! In the early morning we had been to the farm «  charcuterie »

To get all sorts of ham , they bread their own pigs and have their own flax fields to nourish the pigs.

It was delicious ! ( I don’t eat meat very often but I tasted it this time) we drank cider from Normandy and then had the sweet crepes and a little of the Birthday cake.

In the afternoon my SIL worked on our roof windows as he had ordered the pieces to change on the net and my husband cleaned the roof windows a good job 👏 !

While my daughter and I had a good time chatting 😆 and I have been working hard knitting 🧶 and finishing her snood with cotton she had chosen… knitting needles 2.5 it was hard job!

At the end of the day when it was dark they went home with all the presents and a basket full of food and goodies ( like Maxime says) he said to his father before leaving for the nursery: bye,bye daddy buy some goodies.( when he comes back home!)

Today, the house looks empty  but I will be working for Maxime colouring a cardboard log cabin ( I have  one more cardboard toys to colour the castle 🏰 !)

I have until July! 

Next Saturday, we are going to IKEA buy some chest of drawers and have a look at the child’s bed for Maxime. We already have everything for his baby brother.

Today it is grey and only 6 degrees. Time for colouring !have a nice day and thank you for your visits !

5 commentaires:

  1. So happy everyone enjoyed Maud's celebration. Stay inside and stay warm! Can't wait to see your daughters knitted snood...
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Always nice visiting your blog!
    Have a happy Sunday now :)

  3. It sounds like such a fun day with Maud. Bet that filled your heart!
    The carbboard house for Maxime looks so cute!

  4. Your celebrations are wonderful. Your children and grand children are lucky to have you.

  5. How lovely that the celebration went so well.


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