dimanche 18 février 2024

Everything will be in order 😆

Yesterday, we went to the shops to get containers to sort out my son’s books he left when going to live in Dubai.

He studied law and he wants to keep his books, so I have to sort out all the books.

Everything is in order and I am satisfied 
I also got plastic bags to keep all the pillows and quilts.

In July we will be 7 in the house, so I have lots of pillows… but with the vacuuming they are becoming very small and easy to keep.

Today, it is raining 🌧️ but we had time to mow the lawn yesterday .The robot will continue tomorrow!
Once I was looking for some lace in a brocante and found bits and pieces of lace, when I came home I realised there were pieces of a very old dress. I have put the pieces I had together and this was the result.

 It is still raining and we are watching tv and working at the same time! Preparing the house for our family in July!
I found this in a box from our travels!

Yesterday I had a Skype with my grandson Maxime and his mother proposed him to go out with his baby walker
A green car and he said to his mother: close, close ( the phone) and said to me: “bye,bye, bisous ( in french hugs) and see you Monday!”
Because at the nursery on Fridays they tell him “see you Monday!” 😂 
Hope the weather is not too bad where you live and that they’re signs of Spring!
Thank you for your visits.

4 commentaires:

  1. Very pretty the way you have displayed your pieces of lace with the lovely pin (brooch) at the top.

  2. It feels so good to have everything in order!
    I love what you did with those lace pieces. So pretty!
    We still have snow, no lawns to mow yet. :)
    Aww, Maxime is so cute!

  3. I love that Maxime is talking to you on the phone now.
    Having things in order is a good feeling.

  4. Those souvenirs in the bottom photo look very familiar to me! Where in Canada did you travel?
    Everything will be ready for your family and you will be so happy to have them with you.


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