mercredi 31 janvier 2024

Our small village shops

 Hello Friends,

This morning I have to go and get some groceries.

The little supermarket is about three kilometres from home in the next village.

These days we are having farmers blocking the main roads and motorways and they are heading towards Paris with their tractors their claim is more money to live with. Most of European farmers doing the same.

So lorries are blocked with food for the supermarkets but no problems for the moment.

This is my morning shopping !

There was not many people today.
I went to the fruits, bought some mandarins , pears and apple then sweet potatoes ( I like them stuffed and baked in the oven) endives, carrots , potatoes and butternut.

This our « charcuterie » ham, sausages and pâtés 
The cheeses
Biscuits from Brittany ! So good!
More biscuits from Brittany. 

Biscuits I use to make Fruit Charlotte.
Bonne maman jams.

Close to the supermarket we have a brasserie restaurant 
A dentist, a vet, florist, baker, beauty salon, hairdresser and an optical shop, I forgot a fast food.
I also went to the baker to buy bread 🥖 for the rest of the week.

The weather should be fine today with 10 C.

I went in the garden yesterday and saw some daffodils coming out. I hope they all will come out as we had lots of rain and flooding in the garden these past months.

I just received a message from my son and the baby scan is back to normal ! I am so glad!
This will be a good day!
Now, I am going to cook and bake this afternoon.
I wish you a nice day.

8 commentaires:

  1. I enjoyed seeing your town and where you shop!
    Soooo thankful for the good news on the baby!

  2. Sorry to have been missing and my blog needed repairing.
    We have the truckers here in Texas as well but it's about the border and the illegals. All truckers are trying to help...I pray it works.

  3. I am happy that the baby is well.:) I was looking forward to reading news on him.
    The small supermarket is so good! It must be good to do your shopping there.

  4. How do you prepare the sweet potatoes as a dish?
    I baked today too. A bread.
    And cake, I used things that should go away, for example coconut cream without sugar, blackcurrants soaked in alcohol (these are the berries from blackcurrant liqueur) - the cake then became a kind of sponge cake with lots of fine ingredients and that's how it tasted - FINE - my husband and I ate almost half a cake while drinking coffee.
    Dinner is canceled today.
    Warm greetings to you.
    And all the best for the baby.
    Hug from Viola
    p.s. Here too, the farmers are taking to the streets

  5. Here the protests are about the plight of the Palestinians. A week ago traffick was blocked in the interstate highway - big traffic mess.
    Your market looks very well stocked with a good variety of goods. The rest is what we would call a strip mall. We have lots of those too.
    So glad there is good news about the baby!

  6. It seems like you have all the shops you need just a few km. away.
    I'm so glad the baby is doing well 💗💗

  7. Hello! I am so happy to hear the baby is doing well! I so enjoyed shopping with you today. Sweet potatoes are my favorite. Have a cozy evening!

  8. Such good news about the baby. I'm sure you are relieved.
    I always enjoy going into the grocery shops when I visit another country. They are so interesting. Today I roasted butternut squash, onion, cherry tomatoes, and halloumi cheese for our dinner, with spices and herbs. It was very good. Your roasted sweet potatoes sound delicious.


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