samedi 21 août 2021

Saturday out to the garden center.

Hello Friends,
Today, we went to another bigger garden center to get water plants for my pound.
I took some pictures of the decoration corner of the shop.
It was early in the morning and still summer holidays and the shop was nearly empty and I could take all the pictures I wanted.
I went to see the hydrangeas and found a pinky winky one, I love this creamy pink colour.
Then we came back home to put the plants in the pound and one koi fish had jumped out of the pound and was on the terrace very far, I could not believe it , he jumped about 40 centimetres high and 1 meter long! He could go to the Olympic Games!! 
I just arrived on time to put it back in the water and he is safe!
Then we went to buy a small net and put it on top of it and went back to continue our shopping.
Tonight, I gave them some food and they are ok. 
I love this big garden center especially at Christmas they have plenty of nice decorations in all colours.

We bought the solar lamp the round one on picture four. I like the China cups , the terracotta jars.
Then we had lunch in a “Crêperie “ a pancake restaurant and continue to another town to get Mr L some books.
And after 5 km walk went back home, were Bandit had a toy as a gift.I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


6 commentaires:

  1. Wow! This place is great. I want to go shopping with you. :)

  2. Great pictures. I like plant shops that also sell lovely objects for the home and garden.

  3. What a lovely place! I would love to visit it!

  4. WOW, what a variety of beautiful decorations. Good I haven't been with you I would have spent toooooooo much money there.
    Happy days and all my best

  5. The garden centre is full of so many pretty things, not just plants. It would be fun to explore. I like the rose teapot.

  6. Thank goodness the fish was safe! The garden center is lovely. I love everything and would love one of each -- except those cups with faces on them, I can too easily imagine them looking around and chattering at night!


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