jeudi 5 août 2021

Tomates farcies.Stuffed tomatoes.

 This afternoon , I red my book and cooked some tomates farcies ( stuffed tomatoes) I use low fat beef meat, garlic, oignons,bread crumbs and Parmesan. Mr. L loves “tomates farcies” stuffed tomates! He had enjoyed his meal!

This afternoon was a very quiet one, reading and knitting.
Today, is Thursday and I am going to make “Macaroons “
I think I will use the recipe from “Laduree‘a book” and will make 
Salted butter caramel macarons and limon ones , it is quite long to make but so good and freezes very well. 

Enjoy your day!

5 commentaires:

  1. What a good day! :) Quiet with knitting, reading and making Makaroons.The stuffed tomatoes must be also good.
    I am drinking my afternoon coffee now. After the hot weather it is raining and 18C here. I was looking forward to having this weather.

  2. I have made stuffed tomatoes but I don't put any meat. I love them but my husband does not. Yours look delicious. I love macaroons although I haven't tried making them myself.

  3. We love homegrown tomatoes so much that we try to just eat most of our crop fresh, not cooked.

  4. I've never had stuffed tomatoes but they look so good! My hubby doesn't like tomatoes, so if I made them, it would be just for me.
    Your crocheting looks nice too!

  5. Beautiful tomatoes! I bet it tasted so good. And good for you, too! What a treat. The macarons are gorgeous. I have not ever had one to eat, but have admired them in stores.


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