jeudi 19 août 2021

A long time ago…

My friend Masako in yellow.

Hello Friends,

Some Lotus flowers and a first trip to Japan.
My friend Masako on the right of the picture.
We were going out all dressed in typical kimonos and yukatas.
It was very difficult to walk with the wooden shoes « Geta ».
The girls helped me to get dressed and often did my make up.
I was 19 and I stayed two months in Tokyo and visited the country with my friends. Good souvenirs …

4 commentaires:

  1. What lovely memories of your time in Japan.

  2. What fun memories! And beautiful photos too!!

  3. How fortunate you were to visit Japan and stay for months!! Lovely memories.

  4. Mooie herinneringen, Cattherine. De kimono's zijn prachtig.


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